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How the Nations say "I love you,"

  • America:

    You wanna know something? You're my hero. Heh, kinda corny huh?

  • England:

    I suppose you aren't so bad, love.

  • France:

    You're almost as stunningly gorgeous as I am.

  • Canada:

    *whispers* well I, uh, I really, um, I like you a lot and um...

  • Germany:

    You'd make a fine soldier

  • Japan:

    Well...I suppose I don't mind the invasion of privacy if it's you.

  • Italy:

    *glomps* I love you more than Pasta!

  • Romano:

    Pssshhhh. I-I guess you're ok, I mean, for a chick/dude

  • Hungary:

    if that Jackass Prussia comes near you, I'll tear his throat out! You mean too much to me to be corrupted by his "awesomeness"

  • Russia:

    I'd love to become one with you.

  • Belarus:

    Marry me, now!

  • Ukraine:


  • Greece:

    you're more important to me than cats; p.s. the idiot under me is a liar

  • Turkey:

    A-Fucking-Course I love you, idiot! What made ya think i didn't? IT WAS FUCKIN' JACKASS GREECE WASN'T IT?! AND WHO THE FUCK ARE YA CALLIN' A LIAR, JACKASS

  • Prussia:

    You're almost as awesome as I am!

  • Switzerland:

    I'd spend all my money on you.

  • Liechtenstein:

    I love you so much!

  • S. Korea:

    Your chest is too precious to claim

  • China:

    I've lived for a thousand years and you're still the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  • Sweden:

    Be m'wife?

  • Finland:

    You're Santa's favorite!

  • Poland:

    You are, like, so totally awesome y'know?

  • (These are surprisingly hard to come up with, please add your own for the ones i didn't get)

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